Organizing and managing small and large construction projects requires a vast amount of effort and time. Project managers and foreman can spend hours sorting through and filing paperwork, approving numerous contractor safety orientation trainings and can unfortunately waste valuable time performing trivial tasks that could be spent on more pressing responsibilities.

NextCode’s goal is to help your worksite effortlessly streamline the induction and onboarding process with our innovative QR ID system, while also decreasing the possibilities of future risks. Our QR IDs allow management to track where anyone on the job site is, at any given moment, in order to prevent potential accidents. Using NextCode as a strategic method to safeguard your workers and company against risks will provide everyone involved with the security they need.

In addition to implementing superior risk management, our advanced system will increase your overall worksite production, freeing up more time during the work day! Eliminate paperwork and filing, access data from anywhere, and in turn save an abundant amount of time and money when you make the easy upgrade to NextCode.

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