When we talk about construction business, we discuss the huge behemoth that the real estate sector is, we talk about the abundance of money and workers in it but what we don’t talk about is the element of safety that is much needed for any company to take care of their workers. There also happen to be many laws that are needed to be followed by the construction companies as well as the workers.

The law asks the workers working at the construction sites to:

  • Take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may affected by what you do, or fail to do
  • Pay heed to the safety instructions of seniors or persons in charge and to co-operate – with their employer, fellow workers, contractors and others to enable them to make and keep the workplace safe.
  • Never interfere with, or misuse anything provided for health and safety. One needs to understand that any mischief with safety devices should not be taken lightly. The workers should be made to understand that joking with the safety devices and procedures shall not be well received.


Employers and contractors who control construction work are required to assess the risks and provide workers with:

  • Induction: a suitable site induction on health and safety matters
  • Information and training: for the particular work carried, out including the risks and precautions required
  • site rules should be taken into account and in all seriousness
  • Emergency procedures should be listed at the sites and there should be proper equipment for the same

As a worker, you should keep in mind

As a worker in the construction industry, you can look after your own health and safety by:

  • Being competent and know your limitations – only do construction work that you are competent to do safely and in the surge to “go that extra mile”, do not end up doing something that can put a risk to your life.
  • Removing hazards – do not walk past by obvious hazards that can be dealt with easily. Remove the hazard or tell someone who can. Co-operate with you co-workers and do not hesitate in reminding them of the potential hazards that may incur on them.
  • Good standards of safety are achieved when everyone on site works together. The three most positive actions you can take are to:
  • Follow all the site rules that you have been asked to – site health and safety rules are important. You can help by following site health and safety rules and any directions given by those who manage the work.
  • Report and discuss problems – report and discuss any health and safety problems arising from your work so that significant risks can be controlled. If there is a potential hazard that you may see falling upon you do inform the employers about the same.
  • Consultation is always helpful – On ‘notifiable’ projects you will be able to take part in arrangements to consult the workforce on health, safety or welfare matters.

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