Boost Productivity & Effectively Manage Job-Site Risks with the NextCode QR ID System

Project managers and job-site foreman understand the frustration and time that goes into checking in construction workers, verifying they meet the safety training requirements and the valuable time spent searching for up-to-date information on job-site employees. All of these factors, continually hinder the work that needs to be completed, creating a less productive job site. Traditional project management strategies can simply no longer keep up with the daily worksite procedures and also provide inadequate protection when considering the value of implementing an effectual risk management system.
The founders of NextCode saw the need to bring more adaptability and customization to these outdated processes. Their goal was to create a software that was completely customizable, so it could easily adapt to the needs of management and in turn forge a more efficient and secure worksite. They worked tirelessly to produce a well-developed software that would keep worksite risks at bay and that would also strengthen daily operations.
With the NextCode QR ID system, management will cut back on several hours spent on procedures, while increasing their time to focus on more important tasks. NextCode aims to ensure that each trade returns home safely, while simultaneously providing management with a new, flexible and dynamic software to speed up daily procedures.

Real-time Access to Safety Training Information

Streamline Worker Intake and Training

Instant Access to Emergency Information

Available for both iOS and Android

Clients can quickly and effortlessly scan our NextCode IDs by downloading our efficient and free NextCode Scanner App!

Streamline Worker Intake

Reduce your intake process by using NextCode’s online safety orientation structure to increase productivity. Our clients have seen their original procedures reduced from over four hours to an astonishing 30 minutes! NextCode allows contractors to get to work sooner, produces productive trades, and also allows for management to focus on more pressing tasks during the work day.

Customized to Fit Your Workflow

Tired of attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole with dated software that simply can’t keep up with your busy workflow? Then NextCode’s completely customizable process will meet your workplace needs. Our advanced system was created to fit flawlessly into any worksite environment, allowing for quick adaptation and implementation on any construction site.

Check-In & Check-Out Functionality

When a worker uses a NextCode ID to check into a job site, it allows our clients to track when and where that contractor has performed work. Not only will the worker be automatically checked in, but the contractor’s safety training information will also be sent to the site foreman. NextCode can also add an RF ID feature to provide seamless and inconspicuous scanning.

Seamless Transition Between Projects

After a worker has completed our web-based safety training orientation, our clients have the ability to assign that worker to any active job site without the need for additional paperwork or red tape. This allows the job-site foreman to effortlessly recognize if the worker has met all safety requirements and is approved to work.

Eliminate Paper & Long-Term Storage

All contractor information is secure with NextCode’s central database, which is stored on a managed server. Our clients can save money on long-term record storage and secure document removal services after implementing our process. Our server and database storage security meet and exceed all government requirements.

Real-Time Access to Safety Training

With your worker’s NextCode ID, your foremen will have immediate access to each contractor’s safety training information once you implement our real-time software. All information that is provided is continually updated when changes are made, giving your foreman confidence that all records are current and accurate.

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